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Set up a NetGalley Account

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A NetGalley account will allow you to read hundreds of pre-release titles, not just Death of the Antagonist.

But it takes some effort to get started.

Thanks for giving it a shot!!!

Go to 

Under "Register for NetGalley", make sure "Register as a Member / Reader" is selected 

Fill in the information required (Login Name, Password, Name, Email) 

Member Type: Reviewer 

Check the box: Privacy Policy 

Check the box:Terms of Use 

Don't check the box: NetGalley newsletters unless you want on the email list 


Click "Register" 


Go to your email account and you should see an email with an "authenticate" link to finish your setup. 

Finish your Setup

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Finish setup 

I am a(n) 


Who primarily reviews books on a(n) 

"Consumer Website" 

I share reviews here 

Click one of the four listed, or click 

"Add a website" 

Enter (this allows publishing your review on Amazon if you wish) 

My Primary Audience is 

Leave or select another if you used more than one. 

I focus on (pick one or more  categories/genres) 

Sci Fi & Fantasy, Christian, etc. 

Click "NEXT STEP" 

In the box, fill in whatever you like. A simple response is 

"I post reviews primarily on, or other Consumer Websites." 

(Fewer words than this won't let you click the "FINISH" button. 

Public Preferences? 

To keep your identity private, select 

"Use an auto-generated alias


Click on "Find Titles" 

In the "Search by title" box, enter: 

Death of the Antagonist 

Hit Enter 

Click on the book cover for  Death of the Antagonist 

Click the green button,

"Read Now" 

Select any of the checkboxes and click "Read Now" 

Get the Book!

Select a Reading method:


This requires Adobe Digital Editions, which most people are not familiar with. The two options below are easier.

Access Now in NetGalley Shelf Mobile App 


This is a phone app that needs to be downloaded for  iOS or Android. Download "NetGalley Shelf" app. After it's setup, search for "Death of the Antagonist" and you should be good to go.


Send to Kindle (This is explained in the next section)

To use this option, you need to set up your kindle email address in the NetGalley profile. To see how, read on!

(next section below)

Be sure to leave the Death of the Antagonist webpage open in NetGalley. We'll come back to it after we set up the Kindle information on your Amazon account.

If you choose to
read in KINDLE,
you'll need your Kindle email address.

Go to your account (in a new web browser page. 

Hover over "Account & Lists" 

Select "Content & Devices" 

Amazon go to Devices Screenshot.jpg

Click on "Devices"

Click on the Kindle icon

(you must have a kindle app setup someplace for this to work) 


Find the Device/App on which you want to receive the "Death of the Antagonist" book from NetGalley 


Here's where you find your email address to use in NetGalley: 

Write down the email address for the device you want to use in your Kindle to read Death of the Antagonist.


You'll need it in a minute.

Next, you need to add

to your Approved Personal Document Email List 
in Amazon

Scroll up to the top of the Content and Devices page.

Click on "Preferences"

Scroll down to 

"Personal Document Settings"

Personal Document Settings screenshot.png

Scroll down to 

"Approved Personal Document E-mail List

Click on "Add a new approved e-mail address"

Add kindle_netgalley screenshot.png

In the box that opens, enter the netgalley email address:

Click "Add Address"

Now, add the Kindle email address to

Back on the NetGalley website, click on "Send to Kindle"

When you click on "Send to Kindle", the next page will ask for your Kindle email address, which you wrote down in a step above.

Enter the Kindle email address in the box:

After you've entered the email address,

Click "Save"

And .... drumroll....

Death of the Antagonist should show up in your Kindle Device!

(the one for which you entered the Device email address above.)

Once you're done reading, you can submit a review, if you wish. 

Once you've finished reading, go back to your NetGalley account 

Log in to your account 

Click on "Your Shelf" 

Death of the Antagonist will appear in the list 

Click "Give Feedback"

Type your review in the box and the review will be emailed directly to me. 

I will ask your permission before using any quotes from your review. 


You may also click "Add Link(s)" if you posted your review on any other website (whether it's positive, negative, or mixed) 


You can automatically share socially by clicking the checkbox under Share Socially, "Click to Connect" and enter the information. 

Image by Howie R


That shows commitment!

Thank you so much for your willingness to help spread the word (and hopefully enjoy the story of Death of the Antagonist).

I can't tell you how much I appreciate you!

Release Date:
April 1, 2023

FINAL - Death of the Antagonist_V8.jpg
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