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Death of the Antagonist

New Release:  4/1/2023
Available now

Ian Preston is being attacked. Not in a dark alley, but in the hidden neural networks of his own brain by creatures from another realm. Most of the time these marauders work quietly, undetected, at a level so deep it seems there’s no attack at all. But Ian is a challenge. Traumatic events from his past are tuning him in to their activity, one disorienting revelation after another. The more conflict Ian endures, the closer he comes to seeing what he was never intended to see.

For better or worse, he’s not alone. There are a few others who, like Ian, can sense this new brand of evil invading the world. First, he meets Aurora, a former sex worker drawn deeply into the workings of this other world. And then Cletus, an old homeless man who warns with his cryptic references to ancient biblical texts that these aren’t random attacks, they’re the strategic forays of an organized invasion. 

Set in the heart of urban Seattle, Death of the Antagonist is a page turning epic battle fought on the front lines of the mind and treads a thin line between science and religion, traveling intersections that exist where neither discipline violates the other, but are inextricably linked. What Ian discovers, impacts him in life, and maybe in death. Is the same journey waiting for you?

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