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RON JENSEN writes science fiction that views unseen worlds through the lens of neuroscience.


He started writing professionally when he joined the staff of the student newspaper at the university he attended. After a short stint as a television news reporter, his life took an ethereal turn, leading to postgraduate study and several decades as a pastor at churches in Southern California and the Upper Midwest.


A post-midlife transition jettisoned him into the corporate world as a tax analyst and a new home in Seattle. As if those life changes weren't enough, a fascination with neuroscience introduced a new dilemma. His fixation on the science of the brain collided with his religious perspective. Which would win, science or faith?


But in an unexpected twist, the two coalesced. Faith and the science of the brain started exploring new inner worlds together, finding endless common threads. Add to that the stimulating urban setting of Seattle, and stories started forming.


Neuroscience provided a tactile playground for faith and timeless religious ideas hinted at answers to some of the questions yet unanswered by neuroscience - How do we know who we are? Who is the Self? Where do our deepest core ideas come from?


A traditional past forced into non-traditional places, resulted in his debut novel, Death of the Antagonist.


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